October 27 2022  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Linstol joins company consortium

By Rick Lundstrom

A few of the hundreds of the products in the Linstol portfolio

Linstol announced this week it has joined The Hoffmann Family of Companies, a multi-vertical family-owned company consisting of more than 100 national brands.

Both Mark Russell, CEO and Kevin Peat, CFO will continue to maintain an equity position in Linstol. All existing staff will continue at Linstol, joining the 9,000 global employees as part of the Hoffmann Family of Companies with businesses located in more than 30 countries.

“The move will elevate Linstol’s global positioning and increase Linstol’s offerings to airline partners while remaining true to the values Linstol was built on,” said a release from Linstol.

With offices located in Naples, Florida, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and a future office in Dubai, Linstol supplies and services more than 100 airline clients. Linstol currently offers 478 custom products, from napkins to headsets, design services, and collaborative partnerships with top brands. Linstol is the largest provider of headsets to airlines annually in the world. Linstol says the move will allow the company to increase its product and services offering.

The Hoffmann Family of Companies is expanding its aviation products which includes Air Hoffmann, a fleet of private aircraft and Global Jetcare, a global air ambulance and organ transportation company in Tampa, with seven Learjets operating round the clock.

“Linstol’s achievements in the last 30 years have been remarkable thanks to our dedicated team and strong partnerships with our airline clients. Joining The Hoffmann Family of Companies puts us in a unique position to realize even greater opportunities within the aviation industry moving forward. As avid philanthropist who put family and community first, the Hoffmann’s values align tightly with our own and I wholeheartedly believe this will enable Linstol to continue its growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions, for many decades into the future” Mark Russell, CEO of Linstol in this week’s release.

“Linstol joining the family of companies, combined with many of our brands, will not only expand Linstol’s offerings in the aviation world, but increase all our offerings and services globally through their brand partnerships and technology.” Greg Hoffmann, Co-CEO Hoffmann Family of Companies.

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