October 30 2020  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

​Retail inMotion adds partner for digital content

By Rick Lundstrom

Retail inMotion (RiM) today announced a partnership with digital magazine publisher e-Mersion Media (e-MM) expanding the provision of digital content into the international airline and rail markets.

“Personalisation is becoming more important than ever in the airline industry and offering the right products to the right person at the right time makes the difference between a good on-board experience and a great one,” said Stefan Patermann, CEO of Retail inMotion, in today's announcement.

“Through our partnership with e-Mersion Media, we hope to further digitise and break new ground in inflight retail. By combining e-Mersion Media’s high-end digital magazine publication platform with our retail capabilities and end-to-end technology platform, we are able to upgrade the passenger experience and provide them with a more flexible and custom-built retail offer,” added Patermann.

e-Mersion Media provides brands with innovative digital publishing solutions. The interactive bespoke mobile platform delivers a fully immersive experience to the users while also driving significant ancillary revenue channels for advertisers.

Founder and Managing Director of e-Mersion Media, John Iliopoulos, said, “The e-Mersion Media team are delighted to be partnering with Retail inMotion, one of the world's best on-board retail and end-to-end customer experience providers. We very much look forward to working closely with RiM to be able to expand their unique offer to both their current and future clients. We are confident that our ground-breaking fully interactive digital publishing platform will not only enhance the entire customer journey of passengers but also open up new revenue opportunities for RiM's partners”.

“Our goal with eMersion Media has always been to deliver the ‘next chapter in publishing’. We are going beyond traditional print magazines and digital pdfs to provide bespoke, mobile solutions that truly engage a brand with its audience by delivering an environmentally sustainable and mobile friendly experience with access to live content and the ability to shop safely online, in real time.”

“In a post-COVID world consumers are going to demand paperless, virtual experiences and e-Mersion Media is well placed to help magazines, brands and events deliver these experiences to transition successfully into the future.”

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