October 15 2019  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Aeromobile roaming part of Thai telecom bundle

By Rick Lundstrom

Panasonic Avionics Corporation subsidiary AeroMobile, and telecommunications operator TrueMove Thailand have partnered to launch an inflight data roaming bundle for the company’s customers.

The service launched in September and is available to post-paid customers that purchase the inflight bundle.

Customers who subscribe to the inflight service will be able to use their mobile phones to browse the Internet, send and receive emails, texts and calls and stay in touch with friends on social networks, while traveling on AeroMobile-equipped aircraft.

"Our TrueMove H post-paid customers expect a high-quality user experience, and through our partnership with AeroMobile we are now able to offer valued inflight roaming service at an attractive price,” said Parinthon Tansuthepverawong, General Manager of True Corporation, TrueMobile's parent company, in today's announcement. “We are delighted to bring this new service to our customers, who will be able to enjoy seamless, high-quality and secure roaming at 20,000 feet.”

Kevin Rogers, Senior Director Mobility Panasonic Avionics, CEO AeroMobile, added: "We are pleased to partner with TrueMove Thailand and broaden the reach of our connectivity services across this region. With the new inflight roaming bundle, TrueMove’s customers no longer need to worry about continuing to communicate whilst traveling. This new market-leading package shows a continued commitment to providing the very best service to customers.”

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