Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

May 30 2023

AERQ and Inadvia partner to bring…

AERQ and Inadvia collaboration will allow airlines to unlock inflight advertising opportunities

May 30 2023

AERQ streams Berliner Philharmoniker’s…

First of its kind partnership for direct-to-consumer streaming services

March 22 2023

Anuvu partners with Mindvalley,…

The partnerships bring travellers more options for wellness and environmental sustainability content

March 20 2023

Bhutan Airlines launches AirFi's…

The airline has launched AirFi's Wireless inflight entertainment platform

February 22 2023

Seamless Air Alliance and GSMA…

Collaboration between Seamless Air Alliance and GSMA will bring roaming onboard

October 27 2022

Linstol joins company consortium

The Hoffmann Family of Companies has more than 100 national brands

June 21 2022

Qatar Airways inks deal with Panasonic…

Qatar Airways signs deal with Panasonic Avionics for 777x IFEC

June 15 2022

Partners launch map monitor for…

FlightPath3D and Latécoère launch monitor for biz jets

April 28 2022

West Entertainment achieves Irvine…

IFE provider now a member of the CAGBN

January 13 2022

AERQ joins Streaming Video Alliance

AERQ joins alliance seeking streaming solutions

January 12 2022

SmartSky Networks partners with…

SmartSky working with partners on cloud-based FMS

December 6 2021

Collins Aerospace acquires FlightAware

Partnership combines Collin’s aircraft systems with data networks

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