Inflight Entertainment

April 16 2024

How IdeaNova is “caching” in on…

Juraj Siska talks caching data, connectivity trends and the future of inflight entertainment as it relates to the Inplay…

June 8 2022

Q&A with Juraj Siska of IdeaNova:…

In this Industry Q&A, Juraj Siska, CEO at IdeaNova Technologies, weighs the pros and cons of seatback screens versus PEDs

June 8 2022

Keeping oh-so-social with IdeaNova

IdeaNova Technologies slate of inflight entertainment products bring socializing into the cabin

March 28 2022

IdeaNova launches Inplay Payment…

Available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

March 28 2022

Guest Column: Make flying social

A look at how tech helps the return to travel be as smooth in the air as it is on the ground

December 1 2021

SmartSky Networks to offer IdeaNova…

Secure inflight streaming services are customizable

September 10 2021

IdeaNova keeps passengers together…

IdeaNova Technologies introduces its Inplay WeWatch feature that allows passengers to say connected while enjoying IFE

September 1 2021

IdeaNova launches InPlay Bash bundle

The inflight social solution includes text chat, video chat, synchronized watching and web meeting

July 13 2021

Video Clip: APEX Group seeks encoding…

With input from Juraj Siska, CEO of IdeaNova Technologies and Working Group Co-Chair

February 11 2021

IdeaNova Technologies adds Inplay…

Passengers can enjoy IFE together at safe distance with IdeaNova Inplay Video Chat

July 10 2020

IdeaNova updates Inplay Player…

IdeaNova Inplay Player 6 now offering ad capabilities

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