Inflight Entertainment

June 23 2021

Moment to supply Air Cairo fleet…

Airline has seven aircraft operating to 30 destinations

By Rick Lundstrom

June 11 2021

American ends inflight magazine

"American Way" has been published since 1966

By Rick Lundstrom

May 26 2021

Moment diversifies offering rail…

Moment diversifies with rail partner and e-health portal

By Jane Hobson

May 26 2021

Bluebox picked for flypop launch

UK start-up flypop selects Bluebox for retail and IFE onboard A330

By Rick Lundstrom

May 10 2021

Panasonic rolls out new features…

Panasonic Avionics unveils range of new and upcoming features for moving map

By Rick Lundstrom

May 7 2021

Stellar Entertainment creates zen…

Company composed boarding music which launched in March

By Rick Lundstrom

April 29 2021

​Burrana to take RISE to FTE APEX…

Burrana is a platinum sponsor for event

By Rick Lundstrom

April 27 2021

AirFi solution now on Eastern Airlines

Near-Fi product brings entertainment to 10 767s

By Rick Lundstrom

April 21 2021

​Video Clip: Global Eagle to launch…

Twenty airlines now on board, with more planned by mid-year

By Rick Lundstrom

April 8 2021

Digital press platform now on ANA

Airline selected Adaptive's ACES system to eliminated paper and improve hygiene

By Rick Lundstrom

April 6 2021

JetBlue takes Sport 24 from Panasonic

Programming selected for the airline's long-range A321s

By Rick Lundstrom

March 30 2021

FlightPath3D surpasses 3,000 installations

Company sees possibility of another 1,000 installations within a year

By Rick Lundstrom

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