June 19 2024  |  Inflight Entertainment

Media Carrier Solutions brings eLibrary to Lufthansa via FlyNet®

By Robynne Trueman

Passengers can access digital magazines on Lufthansa 

Media Carrier Solutions has announced it is further expanding its paperless reading service onboard with Lufthansa.

Since May 1, Lufthansa passengers on short and medium-haul routes have been able to access around 45 magazines from the Media Carrier Solutions media library free of charge via the FlyNet® Wi-Fi portal. The integration of daily newspapers is expected to follow.

Passengers can use the credits available (based on their booking class) before the flight to download their favourite magazines. On the ground, Lufthansa passengers can select their preferred publication from around 1,600 titles in 40 languages.

A selected range of eJournals is also available on long-haul flights equipped with the Allegris product; the selection continues to expand.

For the first time, passengers in all classes on Allegris aircraft can also read digital newspapers and magazines on the seat monitor.

"Even above the clouds, passengers want to be provided with up-to-date information and first-class entertainment to make their waiting time as pleasant as possible. We are delighted that we can contribute to a relaxed travel experience with our extended in-flight reading service," said Sandra Bardewyck, Managing Director, Media Carrier Solutions.

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