June 5 2024  |  Inflight Entertainment

FlightPath3D unveils upgrades to Kids Map

By Robynne Trueman

The new FlightPath3D Kids Map inspires younger travellers with destination-specific games, inspiring future exploration

FlightPath3D has unveiled upgrades to “gamify” its Kids Map, with a blend of flight tracking and entertainment to engage young passengers inflight. A selection of games is set to transform how kids learn and explore the IFE system while onboard, the press releases said.

The Kids Map flying today is a junior-sized version of FlightPath3D’s core 3D Flight Tracker. In addition to flight data, it features 3D renderings of animals, oceans, countries, continents and other landmarks. With the new release, FlightPath3D’s Kids Map introduces a gamified experience to discover airline destinations and explore the world. The company calls it a “powerful marketing tool” for airlines.

“Our goal at FlightPath3D is to blend data with entertainment and discovery to keep every flying passenger engaged,” said Duncan Jackson, President, FlightPath3D. “The Kids Map is an extension of this, where we aim to ignite a lifelong passion for travel in young flyers by making geography fun and interactive in a format kids love.”

FlightPath3D has secured a global airline as the launch customer for the new Kids Map, with rollout scheduled to begin this year.

The Kids Map’s gamified approach will allow kids to learn about the world by solving a jigsaw puzzle or testing their knowledge with a memory game tied to a city’s theme while inflight. Airlines will also be able to customize the content, using tiles or images for sponsorship visuals.

Milestone badges are awarded as games are completed to help young passengers track their progress. The Kids Map is an optional layer of the map experience, built-in to the core in-seat FlightPath3D platform. Airlines will be able to deploy it across their fleet without reconfiguration or software changes.

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