May 14 2024  |  Inflight Entertainment

CEO Interview: A moment for connection with Tanguy Morel

By Jane Hobson

Tanguy Morel, CEO and Co-Founder of Moment

Moment has been making the passenger experience simpler and more connected for a decade now, serving 10 million passengers per month. The company delivers entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity services for the travel industry. PAX Tech spoke to Tanguy Morel, CEO and Co-Founder of Moment, about the company’s recent partnerships, product developments and attending Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) at the end of this month.

Establishing connections
Moment has recently strengthened and established meaningful partnerships with several airlines and rail companies.

“TGV Inoui has reaffirmed its partnership with Moment to enhance its onboard digital services,” Morel reveals. “Managing the majority of high-speed rail traffic for SNCF Voyageurs with a fleet of approximately 360 trains, TGV Inoui saw a notable four percent increase in passengers in 2023, reaching a record of 122 million.”

Morel says the renewal of this contract means SNCF Voyageurs is entrusting Moment to elevate the digital experience aboard TGV Inoui trains. The collaboration will see an expanded content catalog and a redesigned entertainment platform, both serving the company’s goal of enhancing the onboard experience for both Business Première and leisure travellers.

“This initiative not only doubles the available titles but also optimizes bandwidth by delivering captivating content locally hosted,” Morel adds.

Moment has also established a partnership with Nok Air, a low-cost airline that serves more than 30 destinations in Thailand and Myanmar.

“Through Moment's solutions, Nok Air is enhancing passenger experiences and boosting ancillary revenues through dedicated features,” says Morel.

These features include:

  • BOB (Buy-on-board): A service that provides passengers with an in-seat shopping experience, driving on-board sales of food and duty-free items. Supported by a crew app, this feature allows for efficient order management, activity monitoring and stock control pre- and post-flight.
  • Adserver: This feature enables airlines to develop advertising partnerships and monetize various advertising spaces. Adserver is managed through a dedicated platform so that Nok Air's team can download ads, track performance and optimize campaigns using advanced analytics tools. These insights into passenger interest patterns enable Nok Air to offer targeted, personalized digital opportunities displayed directly on passengers' connected devices.

Moment also has a longstanding relationship with Air Corsica. Its solution was deployed on 11 Air Corsica aircraft in October 2023 and on two new aircraft in February 2024.

“Our comprehensive solution, which includes the Flymingo Box (IFE server), Mood (our entertainment and services platform), and content, now covers the full fleet of Air Corsica,” Morel tells PAX Tech.

The platform offers a range of content including VOD, press, games, music and podcasts, all with a strong emphasis on Corsican culture. The platform also includes a survey to monitor the quality of ground and inflight services while analyzing passenger expectations.

“The survey results have identified a new passenger need,” Morel says. “In March 2024, we integrated Corse Marin into the catalog.”

Moment has a growing relationship with Nice Côte d'Azur Airport lounges. According to Morel, the relationship dates back to 2022, when Moment showcased its solutions, including Mood, at one of the airport’s Digital Labs meetings, which are dedicated to innovation and digitalization.

Impressed by the presentation, Nice Côte d'Azur Airport reached out to Moment to integrate Mood into its VIP lounges, Morel explains. The airport prioritizes passenger satisfaction and service quality, delivering an immersive entertainment experience.

With an increasing desire for streaming and on-demand content among travellers, providing top-tier service in VIP lounges has become essential for meeting the expectations of international passengers.

“Seeking a comprehensive cloud solution that includes exclusive content and product promotion, Moment's reputation for innovation and reliability made it the ideal choice,” says Morel. He cites technical expertise and adaptability as key factors in the success of this partnership.

Moment delivers entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity services for the travel industry

Trends keeping travellers connected
Moment is tracking trends in the IFE space and keeping up with the rapidly evolving digital landscape through its latest product offerings. Morel notes that there is a significant trend in the IFE space towards airlines offering internet connectivity onboard.

“While various models are being tested, there is a notable shift towards providing free access, with limited data, to passengers,” he explains. “This aligns with the increasing demand from travellers for seamless connectivity during their flights.”

Currently, more than a third of commercial aircraft provide passenger connectivity, with projections indicating that 54 percent of aircraft will be connected by 2030. Morel notes that this presents the challenge of efficient data processing for airlines to deliver a seamless, consistent connection to passengers throughout the flight.

“Ideally, processing this data locally onboard is preferred to avoid the costly transmission of large amounts of data to ground-based or cloud-based servers,” he explains. “To fully leverage this data, there is a growing demand for real-time onboard processing, offering benefits such as diminished latency, optimized bandwidth usage and heightened reliability for applications and services.”

That is where Moment’s Flymingo Connect solution comes in.

In 2023, the company’s primary focus was on making continuous enhancements to Flymingo Connect, a wireless IFEC-embedded platform that integrates IoT capabilities within wireless IFE systems.

“Qualification is in its final phase, and the first shipsets will be delivered soon,” says Morel. “Flymingo Connect combines an embedded edge computing data server, double-module wireless access points and a dedicated processor for network management wireless platform.”

In addition to the passenger benefits of connectivity, entertainment and service, the gateway design enables airlines to integrate the benefits from the Internet of Things. The base Flymingo Connect supports up to 150 connections; the optional modular wireless access points make it a scalable solution that can work for high-density widebodies.

Hamburg and what’s ahead
Airlines who want to learn more about Flymingo Connect will be able to do just that in Hamburg next month.

“We're thrilled to announce that Flymingo Connect will be showcased at AIX 2024. We will also present our new IoT sensor,” Morel reveals.

When looking beyond AIX 2024, Moreal shares that Moment’s goals primarily focus on securing more clients within the aviation industry while actively pursuing partnerships with companies in the rail and maritime sectors.

The company also received US$5.34 million (€5 million) financing from Eiffel Investment Group, facilitated through its investment bank partner, TP ICAP, that will support Moment’s international expansion plan.

The company hopes to open offices in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, establishing a stronger presence in these growing markets. Currently, Moment has an office open in Kuala Lumpur to serve its Asian clients, including Malaysia Airlines and Nok Air.

“Our next office will be in Dubai and is scheduled to open by the end of summer,” says Morel. “We are committed to continuously improving our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.”

The company will focus on enhancing Moment Connect in the coming months to provide even greater value and functionality to its clients.

“We also intend to invest in the development of more IoT sensors to further expand the capabilities of our offerings and provide comprehensive solutions to our clients,” he concludes.

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