February 21 2024  |  Inflight Entertainment

Panasonic Avionics unveils IFE and connectivity services for JAL

By Robynne Trueman

Panasonic Avionic's IFE system onboard JAL's A350-1000 aircraft

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic Avionics) have revealed the features of the inflight entertainment (IFE) system, digital solutions and connectivity services being line fit on JAL’s A350-1000 fleet. The first aircraft in the fleet entered service on January 24.

IFE from Panasonic Avionics

The IFE system from Panasonic Avionics is set to deliver an engaging experience to JAL’s passengers with 4K screen technology, faster network speeds and higher storage capacity than previous generation systems.

“Japan Airlines is a longstanding and valued Panasonic Avionics partner, and we are honored that they have selected our in-flight entertainment, connectivity, and digital solutions for the latest aircraft in their fleet. We are confident that the superior cabin experiences our solutions deliver will enhance the Japan Airlines brand and drive greater passenger loyalty,” said Hernan Abbes, Vice President of Global Sales, Panasonic Avionics.

Each seat on JAL’s A350-1000 aircraft is outfitted with Panasonic Avionics’ IFE system featuring 43-inch screens in First Class, 24-inch screens in Business Class, 16-inch screens in Premium Economy and 13-inch in Economy. Passengers in all cabin classes can connect their personal headphones to the IFE systems using Panasonic Avionics’ Bluetooth® audio technology. Universal AC Power Outlet, USB-A and USB-C charging will also be available at every seat.

The IFE system will integrate with the JAL mobile app, allowing passengers to create a “favourites” list pre-flight. JAL passengers will be able to access the app before boarding and select their inflight entertainment from a wide range of preselected content. Once onboard, they can securely synchronize their mobile device to the IFE system.

Panasonic Avionics’ IFE screens will display content in 15 languages. Panasonic Avionics’ ArcTM 3D moving map platform will also be available to passengers flying on JAL’s A350-1000 aircraft.

Staying connected inflight

JAL has also selected Panasonic Avionics’ global inflight connectivity services for its A350-1000 fleet. The inflight Wi-Fi is powered by Panasonic Avionics’ global network of high-speed, high-bandwidth satellites.

These connectivity services will enable an airline trial of Panasonic Avionics’ global live television service, in addition to Wi-Fi access onboard. As of January 2024, JAL’s passengers can stay connected to global live events through NHK World Premium and BBC World News while in the sky.

“JAL will leverage the new inflight entertainment system to deliver a superior level of comfort and engagement through our new A350-1000 aircraft. Each guest will be able to design their personalized passenger journey across the entire length of their long international flight,” said Masaharu Iwamoto, Vice President of Product & Services Development Department at Japan Airlines.

“With our new service, we are confident that passengers will enjoy an exciting blend of the comparable conveniences they enjoy on the ground with the hospitality in the sky that is only available from JAL. We will continue developing new services and products to ensure a comfortable and engaging in-flight experience. Please stay tuned, our new flagship airliner just launched and there is more to come with each passenger comfort.”

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