February 6 2024  |  Inflight Entertainment

Spafax and Lufthansa Group extend IFE partnership

By Robynne Trueman

Spafax IFE services onboard Lufthansa Group's five airlines

Spafax has announced a deepening of its partnership with Lufthansa Group, extending the collaboration until 2028. As part of this agreement, Spafax will provide its existing Frankfurt Account Team with additional resources to support Lufthansa Group in this European market. The airlines of the Lufthansa Group included in the agreement are Lufthansa, Discover Airlines, SWISS, Austrian Airlines and Edelweiss Air.

“Future projects will focus on inflight entertainment and extend across all key in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) touchpoints,” the February 6 press release said. There will also be an emphasis on streamlining the content selection and delivery process from the cloud.

Spafax will take on third-party advertising sales responsibilities to help Lufthansa Group secure suitable brand partnerships to elevate the passenger experience and improve revenues. The partnership will span numerous channels to deliver a comprehensive digital experience travellers.

Key aspects of the extended partnership include technical integration through the Spafax One technical innovation portfolio; Spafax will integrate next-generation entertainment solutions across Lufthansa Group’s digital touchpoints, including streaming kids’ TV to airport passengers and offering podcasts inflight, directly to passengers' devices.

Spafax Content Services is also set to deliver a fresh lineup of content including European content. Strategic Revenue Optimization is also a key element of the partnership, with Lufthansa Airlines assigning International Media Sales to Spafax for the first time to increase revenue across its media portfolio.

Additionally, Airlines within Lufthansa Group, including Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Discover Airlines and Edelweiss, will receive tailored solutions that amplify their brand identity.

"We are excited about the opportunity to deliver the future of the IFEC experience for one of the most forward-thinking airline groups in the world. This change is already underway, and we look forward to the next five years of innovating both the customer experience and our service for this most valued client,” said Henry Gummer, Managing Director Europe, Spafax.

“This newly expanded contract is a testament to our shared commitment toward media excellence across the customer journey. In Spafax One, we have the tools to deliver this step change for customers and brand partners. Our Spafax Studio will help promote and amplify Lufthansa Group’s commitment to delivering a first-in-class customer IFEC experience."

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