January 3 2024  |  Inflight Entertainment

Spafax kicks off the year with IFE content from BBC Maestro

By Robynne Trueman

BBC Maestro courses will soon be part of the inflight experience

Spafax Media (Spafax) is kicking off the new year by announcing a collaboration with BBC Maestro. Starting this month, Spafax will offer its client airlines, including British Airways, the opportunity to deliver a curated selection of BBC Maestro’s educational courses to passengers.

BBC Maestro is known for its subscription-based streaming platform where learners can engage with a broad spectrum of disciplines from writing and cooking to acting and music production, taught by globally respected experts, the January 3 press release said.

The newly available inflight content will allow passengers to embrace their New Year’s resolutions while traveling. The partnership will allow them to take advantage of the courses without needing a subscription to BBC Maestro. Airlines can select courses in various fields to make available to their passengers through this collaboration.

"We aim to do more than just entertain; Spafax has always set itself apart by its ability to expand horizons and add value to the inflight experience,” said Yvonne Crossley, Senior TV Acquisitions Manager at Spafax. “Our partnership with BBC Maestro transforms how we engage with passengers, offering them opportunities for meaningful learning up in the air. We're bringing a practical, enriching experience to our airline clients and their passengers, setting a new standard in inflight entertainment."

Courses that passengers can gain access to include an acting class with Emmy-winning actor Brian Cox. Cox shares his unique methodology and insights into developing a truthful character and approaching auditions in this course.

Comedy enthusiasts can learn from Sir Billy Connolly, understanding his process for approaching stand-up. Passengers with an interest in the culinary arts can learn from the youngest chef ever to be awarded three Michelin stars, Marco Pierre White.

Acclaimed author Jojo Moyes also offers a class that guides aspiring writers through creating engaging and heartfelt narratives.

Spafax has adapted and integrated BBC Maestro's content specifically for the onboard environment. The company has compiled episodes into half-hour segments that are suitable for IFE.

"BBC Maestro’s courses bring a distinctly British flavor to the inflight entertainment space, and our partnership with Spafax opens new horizons for learning while traveling," said Spencer Gillman, Chief Strategy Officer at BBC Maestro. "Our bite-sized lessons feature world-class production values and can be consumed during a break between films or binged during long-haul flights. The collaboration with Spafax reflects our commitment to making our premium educational content accessible and enjoyable to a global audience.”

This collaboration is a milestone in Spafax's ongoing effort to elevate the onboard experience for passengers with enriching IFE content.

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