January 2 2024  |  Inflight Entertainment

Panasonic signs IFE agreement with Icelandair

By Robynne Trueman

The Astrova IFE system

Panasonic Avionics has signed an agreement with Icelandair for the installation of its Astrova inflight entertainment solution and a suite of digital solutions on the airline’s fleet of A321neo LR aircraft.

Panasonic Avionics’ Astrova seat-end IFE solution will be installed throughout Icelandair’s A321neo LR aircraft, with 16-inch monitors in Business Class and 13-inch in Economy, the press release said. Icelandair passengers will enjoy an immersive experience through industry-leading 4K OLED screens with high-definition capability and high-fidelity audio, accessible through Panasonic Avionics’ Bluetooth technology.

Icelandair is also set to receive a suite of digital solutions from Panasonic Avionics, including Marketplace, OneMedia, ArcTM Moving Map and ZeroTouchTM.

Marketplace is Panasonic Avionics’ turnkey eCommerce experience platform. It’s designed to help Icelandair extend its service and ancillary sales efforts.

OneMedia delivers targeted advertisements that will enable Icelandair to increase ancillary revenue and promote products and partnerships via the inflight entertainment experience delivered by Astrova. OneMedia has a variety of targeting capabilities and easy-to-use campaign management and analytics tools.

ArcTM is Panasonic Avionics’ 3D integrated moving map application, designed to enrich the passenger travel experience with premium point of interest content. It provides advanced map design with a range of features including real-time flight data, street map views, details of points of interest and world clock time zones.

Panasonic Avionics’ ZeroTouch service will allow for agile content and file transfer to and from Icelandair’s A321neo LR aircraft. The infrastructure to support efficient application-based data movement over cell modem, along with real-time access to fleet inventory content, passenger data software, media and content updates comes with this service. This will enable Icelandair to deliver a personalized experience to its passengers.

Panasonic Avionics approach to its IFE operating system (OS) will enable Icelandair to build and deliver their passengers’ experiences with greater frequency. A collection of shared system services and utilities enables faster delivery, efficient maintenance and higher innovation-to-market velocity.

Panasonic Avionics’ OS enables Astrova and its other IFEC hardware to deliver well-defined, reusable capabilities and services. The technology used allows airlines to build, test and deploy new applications using industry-standard technologies. With this agreement, Icelandair will manage its own application deployments.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Icelandair. By delivering the innovation of Astrova and a range of digital solutions, we are confident that Icelandair will be able to engage more effectively inflight with its passengers than ever before,” said Andy Masson, Vice President of Product Management at Panasonic Avionics .

Tómas Ingason, Chief Operating Officer at Icelandair, said, “This partnership with Panasonic Avionics brings our passenger experience to the next level. We look forward to enhancing our services with the Astrova seat-end solution and improving our offerings with their advanced digital solutions.”

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