October 25 2023  |  Inflight Entertainment

Saudia collaborates with Intigral to stream stc tv content for IFE

By Robynne Trueman

Saudia and Intigral signed an agreement for onboard streaming services.

Saudia has signed a partnership agreement with Intigral to stream TV content on board. The collaboration aligns with Saudia’s goals following its recent rebrand aiming to engage all five senses of guests, the press release said.

The agreement provides passengers with a variety of Saudi productions to watch onboard to improve the experience of using the IFE system. The agreement was signed by Saudia CEO Captain Ibrahim Koshy and Markus Golder, CEO of Intigral.

Saudia’s passengers will be able to enjoy the new range of content beginning in December. The viewing options will include a collection of movies, and original and exclusive content, available through the stc tv platform. The stc tv library includes more than 28,000 on-demand movies and TV series in both Arabic and English along with documentaries and kids’ programs, the press release said.

“Saudia is keen to enrich the travel experience of its guests through in-flight entertainment programs,” said Koshy. “This is done by using best-in-class systems and technologies to provide high-resolution while developing partnerships with various sectors to increase the hours of content available, ultimately meeting the demands of all our guests. We are also focused on supporting local content by including a variety of Saudi productions to bring our culture to the world.”

Golder added, "We are proud of this agreement which will have stc tv featured as part of the Saudia entertainment offering, providing a range of original Arabic movies and series for passengers to enjoy during their flights,” he said. "Intigral continues to expand its master-aggregator platforms that bring a rich lineup of the best movies and TV shows to viewers, offering an enhanced digital entertainment model. Passengers will access a range of content that can be enjoyed by the whole family, carefully selected to meet their entertainment needs and provide them with a differentiated in-flight entertainment experience.”

Saudia’s IFE system Beyond will further transform the passenger experience by providing more than 5,000 hours of HD content that is tailored to all age groups, the press release said. The content is available in 16 languages and is under constant review to ensure it meets the expectations of passengers.

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