October 19 2023  |  Tech & Hardware

Exail introduces IFE product range with WIZY-WAP solution

By PAX Tech Magazine Staff

This is a special news update from FTE APEX Asia Expo's Exhibitor Press Releases. FTE APEX Asia Expo takes place November 8 to 9 in Singapore. PAX Tech Magazine is covering all news from Asia’s biggest free-to-attend passenger experience & business performance expo.

A look at Exail's WIZY-WAP solution using Wi-Fi 6E. Photo credit: Future Travel Experience

Exail’s Wireless Access Point uses Wi-Fi 6E standard to enable a new frequency band at 6GHz, allowing up to 1,200 MHz of additional spectrum with wider channels.

There are four Spatial Streams, according to the press release, for faster speeds, lower latency and less congestion during use on the aircraft. Exail’s WIZY-WAP also embeds Wi-Fi features to improve stability and the user experience.

The company has three decades of engineering expertise, delivering secure and reliable products to the industry. The new WIZY-WAP Solution is no exception, with Exail stating that the platform provides best-in-class protection, reliability and prevents instances of dark screens.

Exail also shared in the press release that the WIZY-WAP is easy to install, set up and operate, adding value to the aircraft’s IFE and connectivity system for both line-fit and retrofit.

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