February 10 2023  |  Inflight Entertainment

Anuvu brings Roku Original film onboard

By Alex Preston

The deal expands Anuvu’s streaming entertainment library

Anuvu is to offer exclusive distribution of the Roku film Weird: The Al Yankovic Story for aviation and maritime markets globally.

The film, the first piece of Roku Original content that Anuvu has distributed, will be available for airline and maritime customer audiences starting in May 2023.

Anuvu obtained exclusive aviation and maritime distribution rights to this title as part of its broader strategy to curate unique high-quality content, partnering with streaming companies entering the mobility market.

"This film is a prime example of how Anuvu is bringing streaming content to travelers and offering our customers greater diversity for their entertainment portfolios," said Simon Cuthbert, Anuvu VP Content Licensing and Distribution in a February 1 press release. “Roku’s desire to provide unique streaming entertainment aligns with Anuvu's mission to provide our customers diverse and high-quality content.”

“We’re pleased to partner with Anuvu to share this funny, warm, and remarkable movie with their aviation and maritime clients,” said Jason Buckley, EVP, Worldwide Sales and Distribution for Village Roadshow Entertainment Group (VREG) which handles global distribution of the film, in the same statement. “We know people want to watch superb entertainment just as much when they travel as when they’re at home. Anuvu recognizes this trend and we're excited to bring original media and content to travelers around the globe.”

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