September 15 2022  |  Inflight Entertainment

​Stellar's MD looks back at turbulent two years

By Special to PAX International

Stellar Managing Director Sam Allen

Stellar Entertainment’s latest contract wins are with major flag carriers in the Asia-Pacific region, including Thai Airways, Philippine Airlines, and two more Australian airlines.

For the past two years, Stellar Managing Director Sam Allen has faced the daunting job of navigating the most challenging environment in aviation history. As an inflight entertainment specialist, Stellar had to move quickly and re-negotiate content agreements to give airlines much needed relief.

“Looking back now, this difficult period highlights Stellar’s resilience and strengths which included giving our airline clients the flexibility they needed during times of low flight levels and grounded fleets,” reflects Allen.

Since steering the company, Allen was able to retain his entire IFE team, avoiding redundancies, and therefore provide consistent expertise and support throughout the pandemic. This allowed Stellar to design tailored IFE solutions for the airline’s specific needs instead of off-the-shelf products. Allen added, ‘We also maintained excellent relationships with Hollywood and all our international content partners, enabling us to advocate on behalf of our clients and explain their unique circumstances to Hollywood.”

With the recent addition of Ricky Jardine to the management team, Stellar adds a wealth of IFE experience that will be used to further strengthen Stellar’s capabilities and market position.

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