June 22 2022  |  Inflight Entertainment

Inflight Dublin CEO’s optimistic outlook

By Mary Jane Pittilla

John White, Chief Executive Officer, Inflight Dublin

Norwegian airline Widerøe has announced a full roll-out of the wireless IFE system supplied by Inflight Dublin.

Chief Executive Officer John White says that the Dublin-based firm’s wireless IFE solution, Everhub, is the only end-to-end solution delivering hardware, software, content and ancillary services all under one roof.

He describes the system as “value for money”.

The company is working on adding new services to its wireless product offering, such as destination services, a retail offering (duty free and drinks and snacks), a payment service and buy-on-board. Other additions include streaming TV and audio, a publication center, and a moving map.

The SIM card in the server can do remote updates, allowing daily newspaper updates.

Using their handheld devices, the crew can receive and fulfil retail and food and beverage orders. The service will be launching on German airline Condor.

“We are developing a wider range of partnerships, in payments, advertising, and destination services for inflight revenue generation,” said White, noting that passengers will be able to browse the retail catalog on their own devices.

Speaking to PAX Tech about how he views the outlook, White said he is “very positive,” amid the “rapid increase in demand among passengers” for wireless products.

He predicts that the aviation industry will return to pre-pandemic levels of business next year.

“We’re seeing a lot more opportunities turn into real business than before the pandemic. Our service offers revenue generation, and this is attractive to airlines, as well as our one-stop-shop approach,” he told PAX Tech.

Inflight Dublin works with more than 50 airlines.

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