May 31 2022  |  Inflight Entertainment

China Airlines partners with Immfly for IFE

By Jayson Koblun

IFE solution includes on-demand movies, TV shows, magazines and more

China Airlines has partnered with Immfly to bring the Fantasy Sky wireless inflight entertainment system (W-IFE) on its fleet of 737-800 aircraft.

"Passengers can use their personal smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets to connect to the aircraft network. Logging into the network provides access to free video-on-demand services for Hollywood blockbusters, selected Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese films, or popular music selections," said a May 24 press release. "They can also browse inflight publications such as the Dynasty magazine and Sky Boutique Duty-Free Shopping, or use the interactive interface to check flight information and real-time status."

The partnership will also allow China Airlines to move toward a more sustainable and digital cabin solution. The solution will help the airline transition from printed duty free and inflight magazines to a complete digital and paperless cabin.

“The world is moving towards a complete digital ecosystem and at Immfly we aim at bringing disruptive digital solutions to the airlines. This partnership marks our first move in the Asian region and brings W-IFE for the first time in Taiwan with China Airlines. Immfly and China Airlines are both committed towards a digital and sustainable cabin and this partnership is a proof of the the commitment," said Maria Cardenal, General Manager Immfly, in the release.

“The partnership comes at a time when passengers are looking to be part of a digital environment for a better flight experience. With Immfly we want to be at the forefront of this change and we are able to take the necessary steps for a much digital and sustainable inflight solution,” said Jeremy Chang, Vice President, Corporate Development Office of China Airlines.

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