May 27 2022  |  Inflight Entertainment

Stellar produces boarding video for China Airlines

By Rick Lundstrom

China Airlines' boarding video was launched earlier this year

IFE content specialists Stellar Entertainment recently collaborated with China Airlines to produce a customized boarding video to welcome passengers.

The video, which rolled out across the fleet in the first quarter of 2022, conveys the airline’s brand, values and message with soothing music and alluring visuals that resonate the beauty of Taiwan. The boarding video has five thematic segments.

“One of the challenges during this project relates to the video duration. At approximately 14 minutes, both the visual content and music had to take the passenger on a journey,” said Stellar’s Creative Director Brad Power, in today’s announcement. “The ebb and flow, and musical dynamics must all contribute to the outcome and leave the viewer with the desired mood and mindset.”

The process began by briefing Stellar’s in-house composer who came up with a musical direction that would guide the work of Stellar’s graphic designer and video editor. One of the unique aspects of the China Airlines boarding video is the usage of Stellar's very own original music composition, tailored to align perfectly with the visuals and with the airline’s requirements.

The images used throughout the video were sourced from stock libraries, but primarily licensed work from a freelance photographer specializing in time lapse footage of picturesque Taiwanese scenes. More than 80 images along with subsequent graphic text accompanying the visuals were used.

“It certainly helps that in visually showcasing the beauty of Taiwan, we had a wonderful palette of images to choose from, ranging from natural landscapes, cityscapes, famous Taiwanese attractions, wildlife and more," remarks Power. By using these existing high-quality images, Stellar was able to save on expenses and time spent shooting the footage on-location.

Power added, “We worked very closely with China Airlines to ensure we met the brief. As projects evolve, things can change in a creative sense and I think the great understanding and flexibility that Stellar was able to show, meant we were able to deliver the client’s vision.”

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