March 2 2022  |  Inflight Entertainment

Jamco and NTT Sonority introduce Personalized Sound Zone

By Jayson Koblun

Jamco expects the PSZ to remove all drawbacks of headphones

Jamco Corporation and NTT Sonority have worked together to create a Personalized Sound Zone (PSZ) for inflight entertainment, set to launch in 2023.

“PSZ technology enables speakers located in each individual headrest to create a sound zone that surrounds each passenger’s head area allowing only the individual passenger to hear audio without the use of headphones,” said a Jamco press release. “The passenger will be able to control the volume and sound setting from the speakers. By using the patented technology, the sound is contained to the ultimate level and will not disturb neighboring passengers.”

According to the release, the experience is possible without the use of headphones. The passenger still can hear inflight announcements and flight attendants can communicate with each passenger without them removing their headphones.

Jamco said it expects the PSZ to remove all drawbacks of headphones such as wires, cleaning and maintenance for reuse, or disposing of them.

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