February 15 2022  |  Inflight Entertainment

IdeaNova introduces Inplay Captive Portal feature

By Jane Hobson

The Inplay Captive portal allows passengers to connect to IFE in just one click

IdeaNova Technologies has officially launched Inplay Captive Portal (ICP), an Inplay feature that allows passengers to quickly launch IFE with ease in one click of a button.

"People are used to effortless navigation in the hospitality industry, not so much in IFE," reads the February 14 press release.

ICP, first featured at APEX EXPO Long Beach 2021, it supports Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. Airlines can insert message, direct users to a desire feature and increase passenger engagement onboard. Passengers can view IFE content, purchase merchandise and watch ads.

"ICP has been built for simplicity and ease of use across devices including Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and iPad. ICP easily integrates with IFE systems and can be utilized in a disconnected autonomous mode," said IdeaNova CEO Juraj Siska.

ICP is modularly built, making it easy for airlines or IFE vendors to introduce it as a component to their existing IFE platform. ICP is fully customizable and can even be displayed in your preferred language. It can support a wide array of devices for click-through-connection and supports manual access of IFE portal for legacy systems.

"Development of captive portal has been historically difficult for autonomous systems that are still prevalent in the aviation industry, due to lack of Internet connectivity. This and the meticulous attention to various versions of an operating system is what makes ICP stand out," said IdeaNova CTO, Janne Pelkonen.

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