December 13 2021  |  Inflight Entertainment

Canada Jetlines selects Moment for inflight digitalization

By Jane Hobson

The flymingo Box from Moment

New low-cost carrier Canada Jetlines announced December 9 that is has selected Moment to equip its fleet of A320s with a digitization suite and inflight entertainment portal. The airline expects to start operations in early 2022.

With a projected growth of 15 aircraft by 2025, Canada Jetlines aims to offer “the best-in-class operating economics, customer comfort and fly-by-wire technology, providing an elevated guest centric experience,” reads the press release.

Moment will provide its Flymingo Box system, which offers a flexible, aircraft-powered digital suite to enhance the passenger experience, aircraft operations, and provide unparalleled wireless inflight entertainment options. The IFE also deploys real-time travel information and a seamless e-commerce platform, placing power and ease of use at passengers’ fingertips throughout the journey.

The browser-based platform enables secure streaming on personal devices. The W-IFE solution allows passengers to connect easily to a local cloud, via their browser, and to access entertainment services directly on their mobile devices. Designed as a compact, battery-operated or aircraft powered server, the system has the capacity to provide video streaming to 100 passengers simultaneously. AVOD streaming, digital shopping and an interactive moving map are available to passengers. By integrating this dynamic program, the leisure airline aims to elevate passengers’ experience and enhance comfort in the cabin while creating ancillary revenue opportunities.

“This partnership and the technology provided by Moment strengthens our capacity to offer innovative services for crew and passengers alike,” said Eddy Doyle, President & CEO of Canada Jetlines. “We are confident that the Flymingo system will expand upon Jetlines travel experience, aligning with our mission to provide comfort and convenience from the first touch point during a time where constant connection is key for peace of mind.”

“Moment is proud to support the launch of Canada Jetlines. We’ve built a digital experience in line with the values of the airline, and experiences to delight the greatest number of passengers,” said Yves Laffiché, CCO of Moment. “With Canada Jetlines, we are strengthening our position on the North American market and our will to support airlines with advantageous economic models adapted to tomorrow’s aviation.”

The all-Canadian carrier is backed by a seasoned team of aviation-industry executives and board of directors, offering convenient travel options and more destination choices than competitors.

“Canada Jetlines looks forward to providing more revenue options for Travel Agents and Tour Operators that continue to keep the momentum of travel alive,” reads the release.

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