September 8 2021  |  Inflight Entertainment

Sounds of success for GIP

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX International's September 2021 WTCE Virtual digital edition, on page 46.

GIP offers a range of high-quality inflight headsets, including earbuds and noise reduction styles

Passenger experience is critical to the success of any airline. Airlines must deliver a flawless, quality inflight experience for each and every passenger. And, to do so, they must stay abreast of consumer trends that are important to their passengers.

“Style, sound and comfort are timeless trends in the airline industry,” says Lisa Benzaoui, Chief Executive Officer at Global Inflight Products (GIP). “New technologies make the industry exciting. Airlines must stay competitive by developing new, unique ways to surprise and delight their passengers.”

Through the decades, GIP has seen inflight headsets transition from pneumatic to lightweight wire headbands, ear clips, silicon ear buds, noise reduction and, in more recent years, noise cancellation headsets.

GIP is highlighting a newly enhanced line of earbuds in a modern silicon model that provides a comfortable fit for the passenger.

“The demand for excellent sound quality has always been very important and GIP consistently works to enhance current headset models with new sound technology,” Benzaoui says.

Many airlines are moving toward earbuds in lieu of heavier headbands as they present a lighter, more modern look and require less packaging, Benzaoui says, adding that this helps make the airline’s onboard product offering more environmentally friendly. Specifically in Economy Class, earbuds in eye-catching colors are in demand, she says.

Meanwhile in First and Business Class, the focus is on creating a relaxing, upscale environment with soothing music to help set the tone. This is where noise reduction headsets that fully encompass the ears are most popular. Airlines tend to upgrade the headband earcup cover from foam to faux leather, transforming the headset into a more luxurious looking product with more comfortability.

GIP offers a range of inflight headsets for passengers, some featuring faux leather earcup cover for a luxuroius experience

“Both comfort and appearance are extremely important – especially since passengers are now used to the latest technology in headsets for the personal use,” she explains.

The headsets are ideal for fee-based programs.

“In relation to cost, the sound quality of our headphones is phenomenal. We encourage our customers to compare our headsets with higher-end, brand-name products on the market by listening to classical music so they can hear each and every note,” Benzaoui says.

GIP headsets are available in varying colors to match airline cabin colors and branding, or to delight children with a fun color. The noise reduction headphones are fully customizable to any color or logo imprint, adding to the passenger’s premium experience. All headset models including matching soft or hard-shell cases, which can also be customized with printed or embossed logo.

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