August 17 2021  |  Inflight Entertainment

IdeaNova introduces Inplay WeWatch feature

By Jane Hobson

The IdeaNova WeWatch feature in Inplay

IdeaNova Technologies has launched WeWatch, an Inplay feature that allows travelers to pick out a movie or show to enjoy together.

"The pandemic opened the doors to stream media with friends and family from different locations, so why not do it in the sky as well," reads the August press release.

Passengers can check out what others are interested in via chat, then the WeWatch function allows them to enjoy the show or movie together.

The functions aims to helps passengers stay connected inflight even if not sitting together. It also adds a sense of socializing as passengers can sync up with others to make new friends, reads the release.

"Our new feature, WeWatch allows for synchronized group viewing and a heightened film sharing experience. IdeaNova’s customizable user interface, accessibility features and visual identification of scenes for quickly searching through a movie ensures the group’s satisfaction," it continues.

"WeWatch is an exciting compliment to Inplay Chat, Inplay Video Chat, and our web meeting Intouch that allows people to feel closer together even when seated apart. It fits seamlessly into our mission of enhancing the user experience through technical innovation," said IdeaNova CTO Janne Pelkonen.

The WeWatch feature comes following the February 2021 announcement of the Video Chat feature. Inplay Video Chat allows passengers to video chat with other passengers and crew.

Any passenger can initiate the video chat with the click of a button inflight, helping to limit face-to-face interaction while still keeping connected. It is an extension of the text chat feature introduced earlier. Passengers can enjoy favorite movies and TV shows together via the video chat, allowing for better engagement between friends and family while taking advantage of IFE content, maintaining the social aspect of flying. It also helps create safe communication between passengers and crew.

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