August 10 2021  |  Inflight Entertainment

Ethiopian updates chatbot for domestic and international services

By Jane Hobson

Ethiopian Airlines Group is introducing an upgraded chatbot for domestic and international flights. The chatbot dubbed “Lucy” is equipped with various self-service features that will enable passengers to easily process their travel needs. Passengers can use their mobile to book, pay, check-in, check flight status, get information on free and excess baggage and live chat through the chatbot.

The chatbot is available in both Amharic and English languages with Ethiopian calendar installed for Amharic language users. Beyond the previous features that were limited only for domestic flight services, the update features more options to provide services to both domestic and international flight users with multiple payment options. Among the new features in the chatbot is an option where passengers can send their feedback.

"We are constantly working on ways to improve our accessibility to our customers," said Mesfin Biru, Ethiopian Director Integrated Marketing Communications. "Our main goal is to secure simplicity and convenience in the services we provide. With the upgraded chatbot, passengers will have additional option to process their travel globally at their convenience."

Easily accessible on telegram and messenger, the chatbot is expected to have a vital role in simplifying travelers’ experience. Lucy is an additional online platform of the airline along with Ethiopian website and mobile app.

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