June 29 2021  |  Inflight Entertainment

Next-Gen Avant system announced by Thales

By Rick Lundstrom

The next generation Thales Avant inflight entertainment system promises decreased weight, higher resolution capability, smart power management and improved digital services and analytics when it launches for retrofit in early 2022.

Company officials filled in media on the launch of Avant Up in an online conference June 23, a day before it was formally announced. Briefing reporters on the new features of Avant Up were Cedric Rhoads, Vice President, Product Policy, Thales InFlyt Experience and Jerry Thomas, Director - Strategic Marketing, Thales Avionics.

The Avant Up system will be equipped with lightweight Samsung QLED technology that will deliver picture quality in 4K high dynamic range (HDR) displays that company officials say will improve reliability by 50 percent and will also weigh 30 percent less.

The display, called Optiq, was developed in a partnership with HARMAN, another Samsung company, and manufactured with QLED proprietary technology. Avant Up will feature two Bluetooth connections and built-in WI-FI capability that will allow passengers to pair multiple devices that they can use simultaneously. Passengers can control the features with their mobile phones.

For in-seat power, Avant Up has its Pulse power solution designed for devices in the future that rely on a USB power delivery. Pulse is also built for airlines desiring weight reduction and comes in at 30 percent lighter, with less heat dissipation and the ability to be installed between seat beams.

Thales’s digital product portfolio has e-commerce capabilities with Airfree’s shopping platform, a multifaceted approach for delivering personalization.

For the latest upgrade in the Avant line the company has a waiting customer base. Thales embedded IFE is currently flying on 650 aircraft on 33 airlines. More than 1,250 installations are currently on order. Thales said the Avant Up system will be available for line fit in early 2023.

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