May 26 2021  |  Inflight Entertainment

Moment diversifies offering rail connectivity and e-health portal

By Jane Hobson

France-based Moment has diversified its portfolio beyond inflight entertainment and connectivity. Previously working with the likes of Air France, Azerbaijan Airlines, Surinam Airways, and Air Belgium, Moment has announced this year a number of new developments, including a partnership with rail operator OUIGO Spain, and the introduction of its e-health subsidiary Moment Care.

Go with Moment
In May, French National Railways low-cost subsidiary OUIGO Spain announced the selection of Moment to supply a connected portal onboard its trains.

“With OUIGO it was a very interesting use case because it’s a low-cost business model,” says Camille Cruchaudet, Marketing Manager at Moment, who has been with the company for five years. “It’s a bit like in the aviation industry where low-cost providers want to provide connectivity but have the passenger pay for it.”

OUIGO high-speed train

Connectivity and entertainment services are offered as paid options, starting at three euros. Passengers can connect to the OUIFUN portal via their electronic devices using their reservation number. In the portal, they have access to Internet for emails and web browsing, as well as a variety of international and Spanish movies, animated films, television series, podcasts, games, magazines and news programs. They can view real-time information along their journey via an interactive map. And, they can access tourism information and guides, which are free to all passengers along with audio programs.

Passengers can connect to the OUIFUN portal via their electronic devices using their reservation number

Passengers will soon be able to review the menu for onboard catering via the portal, Cruchaudet tells PAX Tech during the FTE APEX Virtual Expo.

The service launched May 10 on OUIGO’s first high-speed line in Spain connecting Madrid to Barcelona. It will gradually be extended to the entire OUIGO network, from Madrid to Valencia and Alicante, and later from Madrid to Seville and Malaga.

A new player in e-health
Venturing beyond the travel industry, Moment launched Moment Care in April 2021. The subsidiary is an entity dedicated to the healthcare sector for use in hospitals, clinics and care centers.

“We already knew some years ago that the hospitality market and particularly the health market was in need for innovative solutions for the patients,” says Cruchaudet. “[For example,] how to make the waiting time more friendly with contents as well as with digital services because this part of hospitals and clinics are not very well digitalized,” she explains.

The Mint e-health solution by Moment Care

Developed by Moment Care, the Mint solution is a digital e-health platform accessible by patients from their television, computer, tablets and smartphones. The platform centralizes hundreds of content and services in one portal, allowing patients and their visitors to access live and on-demand content including TV, movies, press titles, games, podcasts, books and more. For health, the platform organizes medical information (appointments, treatments, message notifications, prevention) for patients to better understand their health.

The platform also provides access to other practical information, such as an interactive map of the building and the ability to message the nurse, says Cruchaudet, adding that Moment Care already has several clients in France.

Moment joins GIFAS
Moment announced its membership to GIFAS (Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales), the French Aerospace Industries Association, in April. The association represents more than 400 members of the French aeronautics and space sectors, including manufacturers, SMEs and onboard equipment providers.

Moment was proud to join as it was required to prove that its capabilities meet the group’s member expectations, such as its industry integration, existing clients and a future in the industry, Cruchaudet says. “It’s a very important step in our history.”

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