April 29 2021  |  Inflight Entertainment

​Burrana to take RISE to FTE APEX Virtual Expo

By Rick Lundstrom

Burrana will showcase the unique features of its RISE platform during the FTE APEX Virtual Expo 2021, May 25 to 26.

As a platinum sponsor and exhibitor at the event, the company will host an OnDemand Conference Session entitled, How to RISE above industry challenges in 2021, as well as host a live session at the Burrana booth during the course of the show. With 24/7 coverage across its regional sales teams, the company encourages airlines and colleagues to drop by the booth to view videos, book a meeting or have a chat on how Burrana solves challenges with the adoption of any part of the RISE platform.

RISE recap
RISE is a flexible, scalable and configurable portfolio consisting of hardware, software, apps, and services. The platform delivers any combination of wireless, overhead, and seatback entertainment as well as in-seat power for narrow and wide body aircraft, line-fit and retrofit. The platform has been thoughtfully designed to grow with airlines as they are ready, ensuring longevity and relevance for their onboard product. Powered by a single software stack, shared hardware, and common power backbone, RISE can easily be scaled up or down depending on business need.

"Addressing the unique challenges our industry faces is always difficult, even without the added pressure of the global pandemic," reads the April 29 press release. "That is why we forged ahead to launch our new platform, RISE in the middle of a pandemic, because we know these solutions really will make a difference to all airlines, their business, and their loyal customers."

Expo endeavors
At the expo, the company will share developments regarding its narrow-body tech refresh to reduce weight and obsolescence, including PRAM, Digital Audio, Tape Replacement, and the latest 3D Moving Maps. This is ideal for airlines seeking a simple and effective narrow-body upgrade. It can easily be enhanced with wireless IFE, in-seat power and/or 4K overhead monitors.

"We very much look forward to seeing our industry friends at this expo," reads the Burrana press release.

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