April 21 2021  |  Inflight Entertainment

​Video Clip: Global Eagle to launch ‘Iris’ subscription service

By Rick Lundstrom

Global Eagle yesterday announced the launch of Iris, an inflight entertainment (IFE) subscription service for airlines. Iris is already used by more than 20 of Global Eagle’s major customers, with most of the company's client airlines converting to the platform by mid-2021.

Using the subscription service, airlines can build their own IFE packages by choosing from a range of core and add-on channels curated to suit global tastes and budgets. With several core channels available – Feel Good and Comedy, Drama, New Releases, Familiar Favorites, Lifestyle and Reality and more – airlines can tailor IFE to their passenger demographics and dynamically change their offering each month in line with seasonal routes, fluctuating flight levels, and evolving budgets.

Airline subscribers will offer passengers Hollywood and international content, including new releases, classics, and entertainment from brands such as Warner Media & HBO Max, Disney, Lionsgate, Banijay, A24 and others. Music, podcasts, e-books and games are also available, in addition to an exciting line up from non-traditional content providers.

“We have listened to our customers’ challenges throughout the pandemic and as we work towards recovery, Iris meets their current and future IFE needs,” said Estibaliz Asiain, Senior Vice President Commercial Media & Content. “We have digitally transformed our supply chain and introduced innovative new content packages that allow airlines to deliver the best possible inflight experience, while reducing costs. Iris provides the flexibility, brand alignment, and quality content airlines require with simple pricing and cloud-based content localization and delivery services.”

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