February 8 2021  |  Inflight Entertainment

​QuiverTree Media collaborates with Audible

By Rick Lundstrom

QuiverTree Media is working with Audible, an Amazon company, to bring digital spoken-word entertainment to airline’s IFE systems.

Passengers are able to choose from audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, bite-sized audio content, and genre-bending Audible Originals.

The QuiverTree Media and Audible collaboration is supplying content to fleets of Iberia Express and Air Nostrum, following the successful launch of Audible’s service for Spanish listeners in October. Through this collaboration, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum count with content designed to appeal to young and old audiences alike, bringing together acclaimed Audible Originals such as Vis a Vis: la cara B, Pequeñas Revoluciones para Crecer and El Móvil de Mendes to collaboration with Guía Repsol and the ISDI Business School. The selection is complemented with a series of exclusive Audible children's books such as Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

In addition to offering Audible interactive digital branded assets on inflight entertainment platforms, QuiverTree is enabling providing passengers that enjoy the service inflight tailored incentives, which include special promotional benefits if they subscribe to the service.

“Our collaboration with Audible is a great example of the unique capabilities QuiverTree Media delivers as a CSP, pairing inflight experience enhancement for airlines with advertising and subscription benefits for OTTs.” says Julia Maruny, Media & Partnerships at QuiverTree Media in today's announcement. “The fact QuiverTree Media shares many customer-centric and technological innovation values with Audible, reinforces this collaboration with great potential to reach and inspire more customers together.”

QuiverTree Media is a specialist in aviation media integrating content, advertising and OTT services onboard. QuiverTree was started by investors from IFEC, software and media backgrounds.

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