December 31 2020  |  Inflight Entertainment

Video Clip: National culture highlighted in Malaysia Airlines boarding music

By Rick Lundstrom

Malaysia Airlines has enhanced its inflight experience with new boarding music that infuses more Malaysian elements through a blend of traditional musical instruments, reflecting the diverse cultural ethnicities.

In line with the airline's Fly Malaysia campaign, which is to promote the beauty of Malaysia to the world, the original three-minute soundtrack is co-produced by the airline’s new inflight content service provider, Aeroplay Entertainment.

The score is an ode to Malaysian culture, featuring a medley of musical instruments from Malay, Chinese and Indian traditions and origins music. The signature melody includes sounds from the Sape (An indigenous lute from Sarawak); Kompang (A traditional Malay hand drum), Gambus (A string instrument popularly featured in Malay folk music); Gamelan (An ensemble of percussive instruments, originating from Java); Erhu (The "Chinese violin"); Ghuzeng (An ancient Chinese string instrument); Veena (An ancient Indian string instrument); Sitar (A centuries-old string instrument from northern India) and other ethnic musical instruments.

"We take pride and responsibility in representing our beloved homeland the very moment our passengers step on board our flights.,” said Malaysia Airlines Berhad’s Group Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Lau Yin May. “Malaysian Hospitality is not just about providing quality service and attentiveness to a passengers’ needs on board, but to also ensure they are introduced to our rich culture through music.”

Prakash Johari, CEO and Managing Director, Aeroplay Entertainment added, “Boarding music is not just soothing and relaxing; it carries the identity of the airline and sets the tone for the journey. Keeping in mind the impact of boarding music as part of the passenger experience, we have composed a refreshing and upbeat track which is distinctively Malaysian. The music is inspired by Malaysia's deep-rooted traditions, especially its well-known hospitable culture. We are honored being involved in this latest creation and are confident it will elevate what is already an exceptional inflight experience for Malaysia Airlines guests.”

Aeroplay creates tailor-made in-flight entertainment content through creative content, strong studio partnerships and a uniquely Malaysian bespoken boarding music.

Aeroplay Entertainment has also been recently awarded the contract to provide complete in-flight entertainment content by Air India, India’s national carrier.

Aeroplay Entertainment, will create tailor-made in-flight entertainment content, is curating an extensive and exclusive entertainment bouquet to redefine the on-board experience of the passengers of India’s flag carrier.

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