November 25 2020  |  Inflight Entertainment

West Entertainment, Qloo partner to introduce Jetset AI

By Jane Hobson

West Entertainment announced today that it has formed a partnership with cultural artificial intelligence (AI) company Qloo to provide the airline industry with Jetset AI, bringing the latest intelligence to passenger preferences and content. West will use the new offering to empower its airline customers with a variety of new revenue generating initiatives while strengthening customer satisfaction scores.

Qloo’s AI has mapped over 750 billion cultural correlations across a catalog of more than 150 million cultural entities and more than 4 billion individual opinions. The AI partnership and machine learning solution will predict consumer preferences across over a dozen major categories, including music, film, television, podcasts, dining, nightlife, fashion, consumer products, books and travel. Jetset AI will offer completely anonymized insights and recommendations adhering to the strictest regulatory standards in data processing.

The solution will enable airlines to build a 360-degree view of its passengers, opening up new brand partnerships, and through deeper engagement, offer personalization such as trip planning and destination recommendations. West Entertainment and Qloo will be showcasing Jetset AI at the FTE APEX Virtual Expo.

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