August 6 2020  |  Inflight Entertainment

Moment's IFE opportunity

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's July Cabin Hygiene, Seating & IFEC 2020 edition.

Michael Serres, Chief Operating Officer, Moment

Industry leaders are predicting the need for adjustment in every aspect of the post-pandemic aircraft cabin, from seating and lavatories to inflight entertainment. A France-based IFE provider has adapted its digital platform with Internet of Things (IoT) capability to meet future passenger expectations and help crew manage health and safety onboard.

Michael Serres, Chief Operating Officer at Moment, called it a “real game changer for airlines,” when he spoke to PAX Tech. “Wireless technology, on which Moment solutions are already based, will become even more essential,” he says. “The IoT will undoubtedly be the next step to meet both passengers’ expectations and airlines’ needs.”

Coupled with connectivity, the new inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) and IoT hardware platform, called Flymingo IoT by Moment, enables enhanced digitalization of services in the aircraft cabin, offering increased passenger experience and operational improvements. For airlines, it offers new revenue streams, such as implementing buy-on-board options, and improves efficiency of logistics for crew.

Through the platform, the cabin becomes an “ecosystem of interconnected devices, to centralize, orchestrate and process cabin data via a single access point,” Serres says. “The experience aboard the aircraft must remain unique while offering the same communication capabilities that [passengers] would have at home.”

The Flymingo IoT platform by Moment creates a connected cabin that enables digitalization of passenger services and operational and logistical improvements for crew

The solution adapts to the existing infrastructure and, via a network of wireless sensors connected to the server, automatically surveys cabin elements and provides overview for the crew, with checks on life jackets, oxygen masks, seatbelts, windows and more. The digital solution supports contactless payment via an integrated system for shopping, access to online magazines and other reading content for passengers. Other features include the ability for the airline to include seatback safety cards and announcements as part of the platform, and security messages that interrupt entertainment broadcasts.

Via their personal devices, connected passengers can control their environment, adjusting lights and temperature and accessing entertainment. From their seat, passengers can choose personalized services, order amenities and comfort items and meals, and communicate with the flight attendants – all while maintaining distancing health measures and other precautions in place.

The Flymingo IoT platform is accessible to passengers via their personal electronic devices

“IFE has to adapt to bring more to the passenger experience – and COVID-19 has confirmed this trend,” Serres says. “Inflight experience will evolve in what is going to be become a new normal. Digital platforms are the immediate answer; easy to deploy, to enhance safety and to minimize interactions and contact.”

Moment has plans to incorporate more features for passengers in the future, including meditation and relaxation modules.

“Promoting a touchless onboard environment could instill further confidence in passengers at a crucial period when airlines need to accelerate their activities,” Serres says.

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