June 22 2020  |  Inflight Entertainment

Burrana launches RISE IFE platform

By Jane Hobson

RISE wireless entertainment

Burrana announced today at a virtual press conference the launch of its RISE IFE platform. The new platform consists of hardware, software, apps and services which can be scaled up or down depending on aircraft type and business need.

“RISE was created to solves airlines’ most challenging issues regarding inflight entertainment, while providing passengers with an experience unlike any others,” said David Pook, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Support at Burrana. "The name of it comes from the fact that we want to approach the traditional IFE issues in a different way."

"What we do want to assure our airline partners is that we stand with them during these very challenging times and our message is clear: we’re going to rise again altogether as an industry,” Pook said, providing some background on the name which was actually chosen in January when the IFE platform was set to debut in Hamburg. He added, “It’s sort of ironic that now it seems more appropriate. "

Enabled by shared hardware and a common 48VDC power backbone, the RISE platform can be configured to include seatback, wireless or overhead entertainment, as well as in-seat power – or any desired combination of these.

RISE overhead entertainment

The displays within RISE are 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution and feature High Dynamic Range (HDR), large amounts of local storage, and robust processing power, packaged in a very thin and modern design. Each seatback display also supports integrated single-pin audio, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), and the airline’s choice between USB-c or USB-A.

RISE leverages crowd-sourced data and intelligent algorithms to deliver a dynamic entertainment experience that adapts to the passenger as they use it. It provides targeted advertisements, recommendations and accessibility settings for an intuitive IFE experience.

“We’ve been really clever about we’ve architected our software, apps and services,” said Pook. “RISE has completely eliminated the need for time-consuming and expensive change requests, ATPs and FSATs. Airlines will be able to add or remove apps from aircraft via simple, web-based tool and make changes to GUI by themselves, without the need for formal acceptance testing.”

RISE also offer numerous ultra-high-speed content loading options, easier maintenance, and is 30 percent lighter than other IFE solutions. RISE will be available for retrofit on single and twin-aisle aircraft in early 2021 and available for linefit installations shortly thereafter.

“Our team is nimble and we’re zoomed in on customer satisfaction,” said Burrana Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Neal Nordstrom at the press conference. Nordstrom was appointed in early-May this year replacing David Withers.

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