November 4 2019  |  Inflight Entertainment

Emirates screening BBC Series in real time

By Rick Lundstrom

Emirates is showing the highly acclaimed Seven Worlds, One Planet documentary live at the same time as its BBC One broadcast in the UK. This is the first time any airline has streamed a show at the same time as its TV network timeslot.

The episodes of Seven Worlds, One Planet will be screened live on board 176 aircraft equipped with live TV for the next six Sundays at 10:15pm Dubai time (6.15pm UK time). Passengers can also choose to watch episodes on demand on all flights from December.

“Emirates has been at the forefront of inflight technology, being the first airline to install TV screens in every seat in 1992,” said Patrick Brannelly, Emirates’ Divisional Vice President, Customer Experience (IFEC), in today’s announcement. “We have been streaming the world’s biggest sporting and news events on board for years so we’re pleased to raise the bar yet again and for the first time stream a captivating documentary like Seven Worlds, One Planet at the same time as the BBC.”

Seven Worlds, One Planet, explores a different continent in each episode to uncover what makes each unique. Revealing how each of the continents has shaped the biodiversity seen today, the series will also show how that precious diversity is being lost. Animal behavior will feature in all of the continents including the baking plains of Africa and the frozen waters off Antarctica. In Asia, the series will showcase life at the extremes, while in Europe it will reveal surprising wildlife dramas hidden right alongside people.

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