October 11 2019  |  Inflight Entertainment

Immfly adds meditation content

By Rick Lundstrom

Immfly this week introduced a content addition of 15-minute onboard classes by Journey Meditation.

Through Journey LIVE, the company’s live group meditation app, users are able to participate in tutorials. Sessions on relieving stress and anxiety, improving performance, sleep and relationships and generally promoting happiness are provided in addition to guidance on the basic principles of learning how to meditate. Following on their onboard experience, customers can choose to become subscribers to Journey Meditation’s app.

“We are thrilled to bring Journey LIVE into Immfly’s best-in-class flight experiences,” said Stephen Sokoler, Founder of Journey Meditation. “Travel can be particularly stressful and for some, quite nerve wracking. By bringing meditation aboard aircraft, we hope to improve the overall experience no matter where you are in your personal practice.”

Journey Meditation was founded in 2015 when Sokoler identified the need to make meditation more approachable and accessible.

“The ability to pair our technology which enables dynamic delivery of fresh content onboard, with rich and relevant content that inspires well being, is something we are very proud of at Immfly,” said Julia Maruny, Head of Content at Immfly. “We are excited to be Journey Meditation’s first airline partner. Their mission to promote happiness and well being sits squarely with Immfly’s content strategy to enhance the onboard experience.”

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