October 2 2019  |  Inflight Entertainment

Emirates releases most-watched list for summer

By Rick Lundstrom

More than 40,000 passengers created playlists on Emirates' new app this summer

Emirates this week released the summer season's most watched inflight movies on its ice inflight entertainment lineup. In June, the most popular movie watched onboard Emirates aircraft was Captain Marvel. Alita: Battle Angel took the top spot in July, while Avengers: End Game was the most watched movie in August.

The ice inflight entertainment system catalog is updated monthly with approximately 100 new movies from around the world as well as music, TV shows and documentaries. To help passengers plan their trip more effectively Emirates has introduced a new function on its app to allow them to browse the entertainment catalog, create bespoke playlists ahead of their flight and then sync it to their seats once on board. Over summer, more than 40,000 playlists were created by travelers and the viewing choices are clear when on board. One in six passengers added a TV show to their personal playlist.

Bollywood movies are Emirates’ most popular non-English language films. In film categories, the most popular choices were a varied spread with most viewers opting for "New Movies" which included hits like A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody over summer; followed by Disney classics – a selection of 50 Disney hits ranging from 1951 classic Alice in Wonderland to this year's Aladdin. The third most popular category across all sectors and regions was Bollywood films and over summer, customers enjoyed hits like 2.0 and classics like Dabangg 2.

Among the 1,200 hours of TV programming, the Emmy award-winning series Chernobyl from HBO was the most watched TV show on ice, while the most watched documentary was African Cats, a 2011 nature documentary film about a pride of lions and a family of cheetahs trying to survive in the African savannah. The most popular kid's show was Paw Patrol.

ice also features varied content such as Emirates' own Food and Wine Channels giving passengers a behind-the-scenes look at how it creates its onboard menus; expert-led LinkedIn Learning courses; as well as offering uTalk language lessons for beginners. The most popular language studied on board was Arabic.

In October, movie offerings will include Spider-Man: Far from Home, Toy Story 4 and Beatles-inspired film Yesterday. The ice catalog will also include TV shows like Season 2 of the HBO hit Big Little Lies and Season 10 of Modern Family; and the latest music from Freya Ridings and DJ Snake.

More than 1 million passengers logged on to to the airline’s Wi-Fi each month over summer, and 40% of travelers over summer chose the unlimited free text messaging.

Wi-Fi is most popular on flights to North America with the highest number of users logging on to Wi-Fi and by volume of data consumed. Emirates flights from Dubai to Houston consume most data on board when compared to the rest of the network.

Emirates offers up to eight live channels of sports and international news channels including CNN, BBC World News, Sky News, Euro News, CNBC, and NHK World. The most viewed channel on board was Sport 24 where fans watched the NBA Finals, the French Open, and the FIFA Women's World Cup Final over summer. Currently, Emirates is screening all matches from the Rugby World Cup live on board on the over 175 aircraft equipped with Live TV.

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