September 17 2019  |  Inflight Entertainment

Red Bull and Immfly give wings to travelers

By Jane Hobson

Inflight ecommerce, entertainment and connectivity provider Immfly implemented an inflight campaign for a new Red Bull product earlier this summer. Passengers flying to Balearic Islands received a free sample of Red Bull Coconut Edition, and thousands of cans were distributed on more than 80 flights to travelers en route to Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca.

The Austrian energy drink maker was the latest brand using a choice of tools and onboard media formats provided by Immfly’s advertising unit, such as video streaming on personal devices, dedicated digital channels and onboard sampling. Red Bull sponsored several channels of Immfly’s inflight entertainment system to share exclusive messaging and a tailormade digital campaign streamed on passengers’ own devices.

All campaigns are monitored and analyzed, allowing market managers to make better decisions on future actions. Ideal for new product launching, this data facilitates optimization campaigns in real-time to maximize return on investment.

“More and more brands rely on us given our clear value proposition: a captive environment where brands can interact with their target audience while delivering a tangible benefit,” said Ramón Rodriguez, Immfly’s Advertising Manager, in a statement from the company.

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