September 12 2019  |  Inflight Entertainment

FlightPath3D adds features and touts flexibility

By Rick Lundstrom

FlightPath3D VP of Marketing Jon Norris demonstrated the map's new features for visitors at APEX Expo 2019

LOS ANGELES -- Passengers, who are typically huddled around Arrivals and Departures screens at airports around the world, could access relevant flight information - and more - on their personal electronic devices in the future.

The ability to peruse popular attractions at a given destination has been available for some time through moving map supplier FlightPath3D, which has developed a product that has moved far beyond providing rudimentary flight data. FlightPath3D gives passengers a three-dimensional view of the world below them and useful diagrams of the airport ahead of them. The company has also given airlines the opportunity to earn additional revenue through advertising, purchasing and personalized content geared toward the passenger.

At this year's APEX Expo, Jon Norris, FlightPath3D Vice President of Marketing, showed visitors versions of the product which has surpassed the 60-airline customer mark in the last nine months and is flying on 2,600 commercial aircraft. The goal per year is for 1 billion passengers to use FlightPath3D to track flight information and explore popular locations nearby.

FlightPath 3D offers users suggestions on popular attractions, through any personal electronic device

A key component to achieving the goal of 1 billion passengers per year is accessibility. In addition to seatback use, it can be downloaded as an Android, iOS and Linux app on personal electronic devices. Passengers can access the map on personal devices through the airline’s streaming capability. FlightPath3D can also be used as a web service API or as a widget to embed in other applications.

Betria Interactive LLC (dba FlightPath3D) has a specialized map team providing customized map software development and maintenance. Such capabilities are vital, Norris said, as the company is often challenged by working in countries around the world and must maneuver political and social environments with sensitivity.

While staffing up to meet demand is important, FlightPath3D likes to keep its focus on responding quickly to problems and challenges.

“When we receive a request to change something, we react and deploy faster than most in the industry spend analyzing the problem,” said FlightPath3D CEO Boris Veksler in a September 9 release from the company.

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