April 1 2019  |  Inflight Entertainment

Immfly launches inflight advertising division

By Rachel Debling

A look at the Adsfly platform

Immfly has launched Adsfly, a system that combines digital IFE system assets with aircraft assets, the company announced today.

The company notes that Adsfly enables brands to interact with a captive audience of passengers and enhance their travel experience. This specialty media sales division focuses on integrated onboard campaigns that are designed to serve airlines and IFE providers to help them commercialize this onboard space.

The Adsfly Onboard Adserver provides advertisers and airlines with increased autonomy and flexibility to manage, upload and analyze their inflight campaigns. The tool includes a range of features and options to facilitate asset selection, segment campaigns by audience and monitor KPIs, Immfly explains.

Ramón Rodríguez Sánchez, Advertising Manager of Adsfly, commented in a statement: “Advertisers are very interested in the highly captive audiences we reach with our airline network and the technological expertise we provide to manage onboard digital assets in combination with traditional inflight media. The capabilities we deliver are highly effective for both cut-through branding and sustained performance campaigns."

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