April 1 2019  |  Inflight Entertainment

Etihad upgrades to Bluebox aIFE

By Rachel Debling

Etihad Airways will upgrade its Bluebox Ai iPads to include Bluebox aIFE, Bluebox's accessible IFE platform for visually impaired passengers, according to a press release from the aviation software solutions company.

Jamal Al Awadhi, Vice President, Product and Guest Experience at Etihad Airways, commented: "We recognize the industry-wide need for a more accessible passenger experience and felt it important to make our IFE more accessible to our visually impaired guests. With the aviation community together this week in Hamburg at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, we had an opportunity to keep the attention of our airline peers on this important issue."

Bluebox has counted Etihad as a customer since 2013. In the near future, Bluebox will update the airline's current iPads to allow visually impaired passengers to enjoy the same IFE content as other passengers do with the carrier's seatback IFE.

"Etihad’s commitment to their guests is impressive, and we’re looking forward to helping bring accessible IFE to the visually impaired among them," said David Brown, Business Development Director at Bluebox. "Our hope is that with this announcement and more focus on accessibility during AIX, more airlines will deploy solutions like ours to address the needs of passengers with disabilities."

Brown will also be participating in a panel called "Flying for All" today from 4:45 pm to 6:00 pm at this year's Passenger Experience Conference in which he will be discussing inflight accessibility.

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