February 7 2019  |  Inflight Entertainment

Flightpath3D wireless IFE map now on 1,000 aircraft

By Rick Lundstrom

FlightPath3D can be used to pick out popular features in cities around the world

FlightPath3D announced today that it has installed its wireless IFE platform on its 1,000th aircraft from its customer base of more than 50 airlines.

“We’re delighted to have many airline customers flying with our wireless IFE map including, Southwest, Air Europa, Air France, All Nippon Airways, Air Arabia, Arkia, Jet Airways and WestJet,” said FlightPath3D’s President, Duncan Jackson. Flightpath is now flying on more than 2,000 commercial aircraft.

Commenting on the milestone, Alexis Capdevila, Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity Manager at Air Europa said, “We selected FlightPath3D as the map provider for our fleet as they have the most innovative feature-rich product, providing an immersive game-like 3D experience for our passengers enabling them to follow the flight path, explore things to do at their destination and for our younger travelers discover the animals of the world.”

Flightpath3D’s use of personalization and artificial intelligence catalogs attractions around the world, and can sort them by popularity. The system helps airlines drive revenue by allowing passengers to explore flight times and destinations to promote airline ticket sales, and estimate journey times from aircraft to hotel to promote ground transportation partners.

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