January 23 2019  |  Inflight Entertainment

Iberia Express shares positive impact of Immfly platform

By Rachel Debling

Since launching Immfly’s inflight entertainment and digital services platform in 2014 - originally flown under the name Club Express Onboard (CXO) and now available across the airline's full fleet - Iberia Express has experienced a positive impact on its Net Promoter Score (NPS), according to a press release from Immfly.

In a 2016 post-flight survey, the carrier's passengers were asked a question about their overall satisfaction with the IFE and digital platform, and more than 30% of respondents gave the platform either an 8, 9 or 10 out of 10. These numbers rose to more than 35% of guests giving the same scores when customers were asked the question in 2017, and last year, 44.5% of those surveyed gave the system an 8 or higher.

“Passengers are very happy with the increased content available on the platform, and their customer scores reflect that improvement," said Paloma Cabañas, Head of Customer Experience and Inflight Services at Iberia Express, in a statement. "As a consequence, they are spending an average of 50 minutes per flight on the platform, an increase from the previous 30 minutes. In particular, our customers love the selection of films and TV shows."

Julia Maruny, Head of Content at Immfly, also commented: "Our vision has always been to enhance our reputation as a world-class entertainment and services partner which is recognized for its innovation, dynamism and ability to customize the IFE experience. We are constantly seeking new ways to break ground and introduce new entertainment formats to improve passenger satisfaction. Just recently we have added the new Sports channel in Iberia Express which has been well received by the platform’s users."

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