December 31 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

Alaska Airlines passengers favor action flicks in IFE

By Rick Lundstrom

The action and adventure genre topped the most viewed list on the Alaska Beyond™ Entertainment this year.

“There may also be a scientific explanation for why we crave those nail-biting thrillers – even while flying,” said the airline, in its yearend rundown of the most watched.

Among top 10 movies chosen among hundreds of choices were mostly hard-hitting, action-packed releases:

Most watched inflight movies of 2018 on Alaska Airlines

1. Oceans 8

2. Rampage

3. The Post

4. Ready Player One

5. Murder on the Orient Express

6. Battle of the Sexes

7. Wonder Woman

8. Love, Simon

9. Justice League

10. Blade Runner 2049

According to a popular theory, people watch intense movies to intentionally trigger fight-or-flight response in an environment where we control the variables. If anxiety can be experienced in a controlled way, the theory goes, people are able to deal with real-world stressors.

The Alaska Beyond entertainment system features more than 500 TV and movie titles.

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