December 6 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

Fear-of-flying wellness videos added to Allosky catalog

By Rachel Debling

Forty-three percent of people are afraid to fly, according to a UK study

Passengers suffering from aviophobia - that is, the fear of flying - can now calm their nerves during flights thanks to a partnership between SkyLights and wellness company Mataki Group.

SkyLights has announced fear-of-flying videos from Mataki are now available as part of its Allosky virtual reality IFE catalog. According to a press release from the immersive IFE company, 43% of Britians feel "quite" or "very" worried about flying.

Mathieu Leroy, the founder of Mataki Group

The videos feature Mathieu Leroy, an aircraft pilot, flight-phobia expert and founder of Mataki Group, utilizing techniques shown to put passengers at ease while informing them about the facts behind flight safety. His aim is to help airlines service the estimated 500 million people that won't fly due to their fear.

“The conscious brain processes around seven pieces of information every second, the majority of which comes from visual stimuli with audio coming in a close second," Leroy explained in a statement. "Thanks to the immersive environment created by SkyLights’ Allosky headset coupled with noise-cancelling headphones, we have the fantastic opportunity to leverage all of this sensory input to diffuse flight anxieties in a highly effective way."

David Dicko, SkyLights’ CEO, also commented: “Leveraging the immersive capacity of the Allosky headset to help passengers escape the cabin and relieve their flight phobia makes all the sense in the world. Mataki Group’s content will improve the flying experience for so many people and we are delighted to make it part of our new air wellness category.”

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