October 3 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

Immfly launches self-access management portal

By Rachel Debling

Main KPIs can be easily accessed via Immfly Active's Dashboard

Immfly has launched Immfly Active, its client self-access portal that allows the company's airline partners to monitor and manage data collected from Immfly's onboard digital services platform.

This level of customization and dynamism is available through the combination of daily remote synchronization with the aircraft and Immfly Active, the client's access tool, according to a press release from the digital services company. The portal provides airlines with data surrounding both their passengers and their platform's performance, giving them "true autonomy" to access and analyze this information without a third party.

In the portal's Dashboard, main KPIs such as the client’s access ratio, number of visitors and other information is available. Filters can be used analyze the data by time frame, aircraft or flight, or to compare to previous reports.

The Aircraft Health portion of the portal can be used to monitor the airline's aircraft that are equipped with Immfly digital services via an interactive operational map.

The Survey Management tool allows airlines to quickly and easily develop, manage, edit and publish or unpublish passenger surveys in the Immfly platform as well as access results of the surveys in real time. Plus, this data may be integrated into other survey management and CRM systems.

Airlines can also manage their own microsite on Immfly's platform via the Content Management tool. This area houses information aside from movies, TV shows and magazine content, such as announcements, campaigns, promotions, advertising, surveys and feedback.

Lastly, the platform's AdServer provides an easy-to-use way to manage and check the status of their advertising campaigns, allowing the airline's advertising department to track campaigns, introduce segmentation filters and upload assets, all in one place.

Maria Cardenal, Product and Digital Services Director at Immfly, said in a statement: “We believe that this tool adds a lot of value to the airline because [it allows] a flexibility and a dynamism that it never had before. We have started with these four services following the needs of our customers, but there will be much more to offer. Immfly Active will be the vehicle for many of the digital services that we are providing to our customers to support them on their onboard digital transformation."

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