September 25 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

Immfly extends digital relationship with passengers through Immfly Lounge

By Rachel Debling

With Immfly Lounge, airlines can gather data from passengers throughout the entire day of flight, not just on board

Airlines can now engage passengers from the airport to their destination - not just in flight - with Immfly's new Immfly Lounge.

Created based on passenger feedback and high level of satisfaction with the Immfly platform, the company now offers airlines the option to extend their digital services to airport VIP lounges or pre-boarding areas.

Very few airlines have a digital relationship with customers in the airport pre-flight, according to a September 24 announcement from Immfly.

"From the moment someone looks for travel inspiration to the time [they get] back home, there are several touchpoints that constitute a commercial opportunity for airlines and [their] partners to interact with customers and get the most of those interactions in the form of revenue or in the form of customer satisfaction," the company says. The biggest gaps in the digital customer journey occur the day of the flight, Immfly goes on to explain, and a seamless flight day experience can be created through personalization and choice, both of which are offered via Immfly Lounge. Airlines can also further monetize that digital relationship by offering the option to purchase seat upgrades or activities at the passenger's destination, for example.

Jimmy von Korff Martinez, co-founder of Immfly, said in a statement: “Combining the inflight entertainment platform with the in-airport platform that offers the same entertainment content will allow customers to browse and select content before the flight for watching it later. In the same way, it will allow them to start watching a movie while waiting to board and continue watching the same movie in flight, or to book or buy an activity on their final destination, which means passengers will benefit from a seamless experience and content consumption before and during the flight."

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