September 5 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

Immfly combines food sampling and inflight gaming

By Rachel Debling

The exclusive game can be played through Air Nostrum's IFE platform on the passenger's personal device

Air Nostrum is flying a new onboard game developed by Immfly that pairs beverage sampling with digital fun.

As part of the inflight campaign, passengers can play the "Lemonade Game", created by Font Vella Levité, for a chance to win a flight for two or access to entertainment channels included in the airline's onboard platform. Samples of the lemonade-flavored beverage, produced by Danone, are also included as part of the project.

Ramón Rodríguez, Brand Sales Manager at Immfly, said in a statement from the company: “If a brand wants to surprise and ensure their investment in actions with a real positive impact, the environment of an airplane is ideal for its captivation, innovation and level of disruption."

Immfly notes that onboard advertising is an attractive branding option, stating: "The retention rate of advertising onboard is 79%, the highest of all media, and onboard advertising generates more than 25% of positive impact on the purchase intention, according to Media Life Magazine."

This isn't the first time that Immfly has worked on campaigns with well-known brands. Other companies it has previously partnered with include Rakuten, American Express, Volvo and Mondelez.

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