August 21 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

SkyLights launches VR platform for kids

By Rachel Debling

The Skykids system, on board and in action

An immersive virtual reality entertainment service created to entertain children on long-haul flights has been launched by SkyLights.

Skykids is a wearable system designed for passengers aged six to 12 that allows them to watch 2D, 3D and forward-facing 360° films. It was deployed fleet-wide in July on french airline XL Airways and has been met with "significant success," according to a press release from the passenger entertainment specialist.

The idea for the headset and catalog combination was spurred by recent studies that have shown keeping kids entertained is parents' biggest concern when flying, as well as the fact that disorderly children are often one of the biggest complaints on board. The selection of content available via the system was made possible through a partnership with 20th Century Fox.

"Skykids has got off to a fantastic start," said Laurence Fornari, SkyLights’ Head of Sales and Marketing, in a statement. "Demand has outstripped our predictions, with the service oversubscribed on just about every flight. We owe this initial success to the very constructive relationships we have with XL Airways and 20th Century Fox."

Laurent Magnin, XL Airways' CEO, echoed Fornari's sentiments. “As a leisure airline, families are our priority. Being able to provide them with a memorable experience is extremely beneficial. It creates an emotional link to the brand and makes getting there an actual part of the perfect vacation our passengers have been waiting for.”

"Customer feedback has been nothing but positive since we introduced Skykids," noted Lucie Deynoux, XL Airways’ Product Marketing Manager. “As the device is the same as regular Skylights headsets, there was no need to retrain our cabin crew, which made for a smooth test which we look forward to expanding. I am convinced that the design is an important part of the success of the service. It makes passengers curious and drives sales. This is where we can say that Skykids has every reason to succeed. The device is right, the design is on point and the content is relevant to the audience”.

The new service will be offered alongside SkyLight's flagship Allosky business class amenity solution.

The playfully designed eyepiece that makes Skykids' VR inflight entertainment possible

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